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Key to Abbreviations in Delegation Tables


I Interim Status state is operating the program pending final EPA authorizations.
IN In the process of being delegated/authorized or SIP approved.
ND Not subject to delegation, but states may have approved program.
P Partial Delegation/Authorization/Approval -- some parts of the programs have been approved but not the entire program.
S State program -- program operated by the state, for which EPA approval is not applicable.
A Approved State program or State Implementation Plan -- state's plan for meeting the applicable national standards.
Y Delegated or Authorized -- the state runs the program under EPA oversight.
N Not Delegated/Authorized/Approved
N/A Not Applicable


1 The State has the authority to enforce some or all of these regulations; some approved through the SIP process, while others were delegated.
2 EPA still maintains responsibility for audit resolution.
3 Only the enforcement portion can be delegated.
4 EPA still maintains authority over point-source discharges and federal facilities until the year 2000.
5 All elements approved, except field filtering for ground water sampling.
6 Delegated for commercial applicators only; not for individual applicators.
7 Program close-out.