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Innovation and Sustainability in the States

ECOS announces the availability of a searchable database---Innovation and Sustainability in the States. This database contains all the innovative programs and projects first published in the electronic document Innovation and Sustainability in the States 2.1, but allows a variety of searches.

Initiatives included in Innovation and Sustainability in the States encompass a broad spectrum of regulatory and non-regulatory programs including projects on energy efficiency, smart growth, pollution prevention, multi-media permitting and inspections, consolidated reporting, small business assistance, and eco-efficiency.

ECOS staff administered an extensive search and survey collection effort to compile and update state information. Staff also conducted a literature search to expand upon the original data. Entries describe the program or project goal, include a brief summary, report on status and outcomes, and detail the budget and any roadblocks encountered. A contact person with address, phone number, and e-mail information is included for every entry. In some cases, websites are available.

This document was funded through U.S. EPA's Office of Research and Development.

Updated May 10, 2006