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Small States Technical Assistance Initiative (SSTAI)

** SSTAI is no longer active

The central theme of the SSTAI is to develop a collaborative network of states that will function to provide shared information technology assistance and work towards investments in state capacity building. By addressing information management issues as a group, the SSTAI may better leverage development costs and human resource knowledge, maintain greater institutional momentum, provide consistent investment payback, and more economically produce readily useable materials and approaches that can be efficiently shared and implemented.

What is a "Small" State?
Broadly defined, "small" states are characterized by inconsistent funding for information projects, small and dispersed funding sources, limited IT staff, and fewer facilities to regulate. Moreover, small states have fewer options on how to approach IT system development and maintenance due to fiscal and human resource limitations.

Small States Knowledge Transfer Conference Calls

GIS Conference Call, April 7, 2005
Conference Call Notes

Document Management Conference Call, July 20, 2005
Conference Call Notes

Field and Remote Data Collection Call, Tuesday, October 11, 2005
Conference Call Agenda
New York Department of Environmental Conservation's Presentation
Minnesota Pollution Control Agency's Presentation
Conference Call Notes

2006 Planning Call, Wednesday, December 14, 2005
Slideshow Presentation
Conference Call Notes

Electronic Permitting Systems Call, Wednesday, May 31, 2006
Conference Call Agenda
New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection
Iowa Department of Natural Resources - SPARS Software’Presentation
Conference Call Notes

FY2007 Exchange Network Grants and Potential Collaboration, Tuesday, October 24, 2006
The purpose of the call was to discuss opportunities for collaboration for FY2007 Exchange Network grants.
Conference Call Summary