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Sustainability at U.S. Defense Sites

The ECOS-U.S. Department of Defense (DOD) Sustainability Work Group (SWG) was established in April 2004 to provide a forum for dialogue between ECOS members and DOD and U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) officials tasked with environmental management duties at defense facilities. Through their involvement with the ECOS-DOD SWG, ECOS members have collaborated with DOD and EPA officials to draft policy documents focused on developing appropriate approaches to the environmental challenges that exist at U.S. defense sites. The ECOS-DOD SWG is composed of two (2) task groups. The Compatible Use and Sustainability Task Group (CUSTG) focuses on sustainability and land use issues in and around defense sites. The Emerging Contaminants Task Group (EC TG) focuses on studying and developing approaches to emerging contaminants (materials suspected of posing risks to human health and the environment, but for which no risk assessment values have yet been developed). The ECOS-DOD SWG is a subgroup of the ECOS Cross-Media Committee and report directly to the Cross-Media Committee regarding its activities and policy position suggestions. Into the future, ECOS seeks to continue to build and maintain strong relationships with federal agencies tasked with performing environmental management duties at various federal facilities so that states can continue to oversee and ensure that such facilities are managed in a manner which safeguards human health and the environment. Click here (and scroll down to the "Federal Facilities" section) to see a list of current ECOS-DOD SWG projects, and click here to view the ECOS-DOD SWG webpage and view ECOS-DOD SWG work products.