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New Resolutions

Resolution 00-12: Change to the United States Environmental Protection Agency's "Once In, Always In" Policy.

Resolution 03-7: The Need for Actions to Achieve Further Progress on Reducing Impacts to Water Quality from Atmospheric Mercury.

Resolution 03-11: State Support of the Interstate Technology & Regulatory Council.

Resolution 06-9: National Training Strategy Implementation and Funding.

Resolution 06-10: Department of Defense's Formerly Used Defense Sites Program Budget.

Resolution 09-2: Mercury Reduction, Stewardship, and Retirement.

Resolution 09-5: Funding for Clean Air Act Programs Under Sections 103 and 105.

Resolution 09-6: Advancing State Green Chemistry Programs for Sustainable Economic Development and Protection of Public Health and the Environment.

Resolution 09-8: Advancing Green Infrastructure, Energy Efficiency and Clean Energy Production through Wastewater and Drinking Water Facilities.

Resolution 12-3: Regarding New Source Performance Standards for Residential Wood Burning Devices.

Resolution 12-4: Regarding New Source Performance Standards for Residential Coal Burning Devices.

Resolution 12-5: Principles of Extended Producer Responsibility and the Definition of Product Stewardship.

Resolution 12-6: Urging Collaboration between Federal Agencies and States to Manage High-Level Radioactive Waste and Spent Nuclear Fuel.

Resolution 12-7: Dialogue on Munitions Response.

Resolution 12-8: Support for the National Mercury Switch Recovery Program to Reduce Mercury in the Environment and Provide Flexibility to the States.

Resolution 12-9: PCBs in Products,

Resolution 12-10: Funding the Border 2020 Program.