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Green Reports

December 2015 Green Report - 2015 Environmental Innovations: Leveraging Technology, Financing, and Brainpower to Improve Outcomes

January 2015 Green Report - 2014 Environmental Innovations: Bridge-Building, State E-Initiatives Yield Results

February 2014 Green Report - Status of State Toxics Release Inventory Programs

December 2013 Green Report - 2013 State Innovations: Agencies Enhance Operations and Outreach

September 2013 Green Report - A Sampling of State Environmental Research Needs

July 2013 Green Report - Use of Impact Analyses in the Rulemaking Process of State Environmental Agencies

January 2013 Green Report - 2012 State Innovations: Environmental Agencies Extend a Helping Hand

September 2012 Green Report - Status of State Environmental Agency Budgets, 2011-2013

March 2012 Green Report - Case Studies on State Efforts to Achieve Sustainability

February 2012 Green Report (Updated July 2012) - Simplifying the Permit Process: States Make Strides on E-Permitting

December 2011 Green Report - State Mandates on Environmental Impact Review: A Roundup of State Environmental Policy Acts

October 2011 Green Report - State Environmental Agency Boards, Commissions, Committees, and Councils: A Comprehensive Look

September 2011 Green Report - Stringency Restrictions in State Environmental Rules: Differences in Design and Implementation

September 2011 Green Report Table Attachment

June 2011 Green Report - Communicating Land Revitalization Successes: A State Toolbox

May 2011 Green Report - What Your Environmental Laboratory Can Do for You

March 2011 Green Report - Growing the Grassroots: Integrating Environmental Justice into the Toxics Release Inventory Program

December 2010 Green Report - Recent U.S. EPA Positions on Interim Guidance, Rules, and Policies

November 2010 Green Report - Measuring the Benefits of Land Revitalization: State Successes and Challenges

October 2010 Green Report - Empowering Communities: 2010 State Environmental Innovations

September 2010 Green Report - State Experiences with Natural Resource Damage Assessment at Nuclear Weapons Complex Sites

August 2010 Green Report - Status of State Environmental Agency Budgets, 2009-2011

May 2010 Green Report (Revised) - Survey of State Penalty Authority

May 2010 Green Report Attachment (Revised) - Inventory of States with Authority to Issue Penalties

March 2010 Green Report - Impacts of Reductions in FY 2010 on State Environmental Agency Budgets

January 2010 Green Report - State Experiences with Emerging Contaminants: Recommendations for Federal Action

November 2009 Green Report - Stimulating Community Health and Wealth: The Opportunities Presented by Petroleum Brownfield and Vacant Property Redevelopment

October 2009 Green Report - Sharing Solutions: 2009 State Environmental Innovations

August 2009 Green Report - States Offer Model Approaches for Phasing Out Lead Wheel Weights in the Environment

July 2009 Green Report - Expanding State Assumption of CWA Section 404: Necessary, Wise and Workable

June 2009 Green Report - Funding Environmental Protection: State Budget Shortfalls and Ideas for Mitigating Them

April 2009 Green Report - Lean Case Studies: Continuous Improvement in State Agencies

March 2009 Green Report - Regional Cap-and-Trade Programs to Cut Global Warming Emissions

February 2009 Green Report - The States' Definitions of 'Waters of the State'

January 2009 Green Report - An Examination of the Use of Engineered Cells for Onsite Disposal of Radioactive Waste

October 2008 Green Report - 2008 State Environmental Innovations

July 2008 Green Report - The Built Environment: Environment, Health, and More

June’2008 Green Report - Potential Models for State Enforcement and Compliance Program Accreditation

April 2008 Green Report - State Actions for Managing Mercury in the Environment

March 2008 Green Report - State Environmental Expenditures, 2005-2008

March 2008 Green Report Appendix - State Environmental Budgets and Budget Plans, FY2005-2008

December 2007 Green Report - Regional Collaboration Among States to Improve Joint Planning and Priority Setting: A New England Case Study

October 2007 Green Report - 2007 Northwest Environmental Health Forum: A Possible Model for Other Regions

September 2007 Green Report - Defense State Memorandum of Agreement (DSMOA) Issues and Effects on States