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State Strategic Planning and Priority Setting

The joint ECOS/EPA Performance and Partnership Workgroup and its predecessor, the Alignment-Performance Partnership Agreement Workgroup has been working to:

  • Enhance and align State and EPA planning to improve the delivery of environmental services;
  • Integrate state strategic planning and priorities with EPA's planning, budgeting, and accountability processes and decision-making;
  • Foster joint planning and priority setting between the States and EPA; and
  • Reduce transaction costs, avoid duplication of effort, and support worksharing in order to meet the challenges of expanding workload and decreasing resources.

There are many State and EPA success stories and lessons learned reflected in planning pilot projects, Performance Partnership Agreements and Grants (PPAs and PPGs), memoranda of understanding, watershed projects, compliance and enforcement agreements, supplemental environmental projects, and business process improvement (Lean) projects - to name a few. These successes and lessons learned only benefit those directly involved unless the experience and knowledge is shared. To begin to provide basic access to the information unique to these efforts, anumber of reports are posted here. Additonal reports, information, and categories will be added.

Summary of Lessons Learned, Observations, and Challenges from the Planning Pilot Projects

Summary Report on the ECOS Strategic Planning Workshop on June 10-11, 2008 in Boston, Massachusetts

Summary Table of State Planning Pilot Projects

Planning Pilot Project Reports