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Important Information

ECOS Strategic Prorities - 2008

The ECOS Executive Committee has identified six strategic priorities including:

  • 1) Promote strong federal budget support for state agencies
  • 2) Advocate the role of states as co-regulators and pursue oversight reform
  • 3) Champion burden reduction, flexibility and streamlining processes to focus on environmental results
  • 4) Advise on policy positions regarding national environmental issues
  • 5) Seek and promote innovation
  • 6) Review proposed EPA regulations and policies

Committees were asked to offer their recommendations for implementing ECOS’ Strategic Priorities by Feb. 1, 2008. In response, the ECOS Cross-Media Committee developed and released its recommendations in the document: ECOS Cross-Media Committee Strategic Priorities.

Supporting Documents for Resolution "Supporting Work on Contaminated Site Response to Emerging Contaminants and Related Risk Communication Issues"

On September 21, 2008, the ECOS membership passed a Resolution "Supporting Work on Comtaminated Site Response to Emerging Contaminants and Related Risk Communication Issues." The text of the resolution is available here. The resolution references four (4) other documents. Click on the following links to access these documents here:

Summary of State Responses to Survey on Emerging Contaminants

Issue Paper on Risk Communication Principles

Issue Paper on Identification and Selection of Toxicity Values/ Criteria for CERCLA and Hazardous Waste Site Risk Assessments in the Absense of IRIS Values (also known as the "Provisional Values Paper")

Issue Paper on Initiation of Emerging Contaminants Characterization and Response Actions for Protection of Human Health (also known as the "Resource Triggers Paper")