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Principles for Responsible Industry in Delaware (PRIDE)


Dates: April 2003 – ongoing

Goal: To motivate and encourage companies to go beyond compliance.

Governor Minner asked manufacturers in Delaware to sign onto the following principles of operation:

“Managing through Systems Approaches. We are committed to the quality of our products and our operations. We will utilize systems approaches to the management of our facility, with the goals of continuous improvement in both quality and environmental management.

Community Involvement. We are committed to being part of the community in which we are located. We will regularly interact with the communities near our facility, both informing and seeking advice from our neighbors. We will notify in a timely manner, everyone who may be affected by conditions caused by our company that may negatively affect health, safety or the environment.

Valuing and Protecting Our Workers. We are committed to the satisfaction, development and well being of our employees. We will enhance the development of and minimize the risks to our employees through use of safe technologies, training, operating procedures and by being prepared for emergencies.

Protecting the Environment and the Community. We are committed to protecting the environment and communities. We will reduce and make continual progress toward eliminating the release of any substance that may cause health or environmental damage. We will reduce, and where possible eliminate wastes and releases through source reduction. All waste will be handled and disposed of safely and responsibly.

Conserving Energy. We are committed to reducing our energy consumption. We will conserve energy and improve energy efficiency of our operations and of the products we produce. We will make every effort to use environmentally safe and sustainable energy sources.”

Companies that voluntarily sign onto the principles will make commitments to actions implementing them, and submit annual reports on their commitments. The plant manager will make commitments at the plant level, although commitment from top corporate management is highly encouraged. The companies, their commitments, and the annual reports will all be posted on the Governor’s website. All companies that sign up with commitments will receive recognition by the Governor.

Benefits will be provided to companies that achieve substantial accomplishments under their commitments and maintain excellent compliance records. Benefits begin following submission and review of the first annual report by the facility. Benefits will be offered on a case-by-case basis depending upon the level of commitment and achievement and the company’s compliance record. Benefits may be rescinded if a company does not maintain an excellent compliance record or fails to make progress under their commitments. Benefits may include such things as fast track and/or flexible permitting, reduced inspection schedules, awards, and others. Substantial accomplishments could be recognized through the Delaware Quality Awards or the Delaware Environmental Excellence Awards programs.

Facilities are taking the process very seriously and strive for excellence in their applications. The application has been taking about 6 months to develop. Method: This program is the result of Executive Order # 44.

Roadblocks: Not provided.

Results: Two facilities are full participants; five more have applications in the development process. One company, having met all their commitments, has submitted the first annual report. See annual report for CIBA on the website. More information is being made public through the applications than has ever been available to members of the public or government about facilities.

Budget: Not provided.


Andrea Kreiner, Policy Advisor
Tatnall Building, 2nd Floor